About Dennison SharpGrade

At Dennison Plant, we have many years experience working with all types of machinery, so it’s not often that something comes along which completely blows us away. The SharpGrade Leveller is one such product – you need to see it in action to appreciate how good it is.

Having initially used the SharpGrade Leveller for our own projects, we were so impressed with it that we decided to become the authorised North West, Scotland and Ireland dealer, providing Sales, Hire, Servicing, as well as our full Groundworks service which can include the use of the SharpeGrade system on your project.

The SharpGrade offers time saving over traditional methods due to the speed at which it operates, materials savings due to the high levels of accuracy, particularly saving concrete costs, and it is fully adaptable to suit existing laser guidance systems such as Trimble and Leica.

The SharpGrade is ideal for farms, barns, horse enclosures, roads and sports pitches. Basically any large area that needs levelling quickly and smoothly.

How We Got Involved

We visited Munich in 2019 to finalise our dealer agreement with Sharpgrade and there was an existing American Sharpgrade user on the exhibition stand.

We took him to one side and asked him to be honest about his experience with Sharpgrade. For reference, he converts and relays 50-60 Ball Parks per year, and used to run a different brand of machine.

After three years of continual use, the previous brand was so worn out it could not be rebuilt/repaired, so the machines got scrapped and had to be replaced with new.

His point was that although the Sharpgrade was dearer than the previous brand, he was running four of them, with the oldest one being years old at that stage and he was bragging that he had never needed put a spanner on one yet. This sealed the deal for us.

Our Promise

Professional company which has a human approach to business, working together with our customers to resolve their plant requirements.

A business that prides itself on honesty and integrity

Dennison Plant Solutions Ltd endeavours to understand your business just as well as you do, enabling a satisfactory outcome to all your contractual requirements.

Providing an unrivalled level of customer care, without any compromise.

Where all customer enquiries are dealt with as a priority.

A company who understands the importance of supplying the correct solution for your particular job.

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